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Headache is one of the most common pain symptoms in childhood and experienced by up to 80% of 13-15 year-old children. Besides the pain and emotional distress, children with recurrent headaches have reduced participation in social activities as well as more school absenteeism and lower academic performance.

Importantly, paediatric headache can be a precursor to potentially severe headache syndromes later in life. The aetiology of paediatric headache is multifactorial and complex, and several causative factors have been proposed. Because of the complex aetiology and the difference in presentation across age groups, the examination, diagnosis, and treatment should be multifaceted.

This module will briefly outline the epidemiology of paediatric headache; describe the complex presentations and diagnosis through the age groups; as well as possible treatment strategies for the different types of headaches, with special emphasis on the chiropractic manipulation.

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    Engaging the Elderly

    • Headache in Children: Epidemiology, Presentation and Treatment

    • Assessment: Headache in Children: Epidemiology, Presentation and Treatment

    • Module Notes: Headache in Children: Epidemiology, Presentation and Treatment

Course Learning Outcomes

On completion of the module, you should have an understanding of the following:

1) The epidemiology of headaches in children

2) The commonly presenting headaches in children

3) The factors influencing the treatment of headache

4) Recognition of red flags for referral .

CPD Hours/Points = 1.5



Lise Hestbaek

Lise graduated with a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1990 from Palmer College of Chiropractic and was a practising chiropractor between 1991-2007. She commenced part-time research at SDU in 1997 and became a full-time researcher and teacher at SDU in 2007. She completed a PhD in 2003 on a thesis about high-risk groups and risk factors for low back pain in children and adolescents. Since 2007 she has been an associate professor at the University of Southern Denmark and senior researcher at the Nordic Institute of Chiropractic and Clinical Biomechanics. Her research focuses on lifetime epidemiology of musculoskeletal pain, especially back pain, with a primary interest in children and adolescents. Presently she is involved in school- and preschool cohorts with a public health perspective and RCTs investigating the effect of chiropractic treatment for infantile colic, manipulative therapy for LBP in adolescents and manipulative therapy for chronic headache in children.


Sue Weber Hellstenius

Sue A. Weber Hellstenius BSc, DC, MSc Chiropractic Paediatrics, FEAC, FRCC Sue attained her Doctor of Chiropractic at Western States University College in Oregon USA in 1988 and has worked clinically as a family practitioner since then. Sue completed her Masters in Chiropractic Pediatrics in Bournemouth England in 2008. Sue published her research investigating spinal dysfunction in children with recurrent neck pain and headaches. She was awarded Chiropractor of the year in Sweden in 2015 for promoting the profession by developing a comprehensive education in Pediatrics and formulating guidelines for the Paediatric patient.


Susanne Lynge

Susanne Lynge graduated from Palmer College, Davenport Iowa in 1986 and completed a Master of Science in chiropractic pediatrics from AECC/Bournemouth University in 2012. She was the primary investigator and the treating chiropractor of the recently published RCT: “Effectiveness of chiropractic manipulation versus sham manipulation for recurrent headaches in children aged 7-14 years- a randomized clinical trial” and runs a busy pediatric practice in Denmark.