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This module provides great insight into the patient consultation focusing on the multiple layers associated with the therapeutic encounter, and how these impact on patient outcomes.

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    ECU Lockdown Series - The Therapeutic Encounter. [CPD 1 pt/hr]

    • ECU Lockdown Series - The Therapeutic Encounter with Dave Newell. [CPD 1 pt/hr]

    • Assessment for ECU Lockdown Series - The Therapeutic Encounter. [CPD 1 pt/hr]

Course Learning Outcomes

By the completion of the module, the practitioner will be able to;

1. Understand the relationship between the clinical encounter and patient outcomes

2. Explain how neurotransmitters released during the clinical encounter modulate pain

3. Understand the importance of contextual effects in practice

4. Implement positive changes in the clinical encounter to impact patient outcomes.

CPD Hours/Points = 1



Dave Newell

Dave Newell graduated from Plymouth University with a Degree in Biological Sciences and subsequently a PhD in Molecular Biology in 1986. The last 30 years have been spent teaching and researching in chiropractic institutions holding the position of Lecturer, Senior Lecturer and Research Director in multiple chiropractic programs in the UK and Australia. Professor Newell has considerable expertise and experience in teaching the natural sciences, research methodology, critical thinking as well as curriculum design, validation and accreditation of chiropractic and other healthcare-related programs. He has successfully supervised multiple Masters and Doctorate level students and has published extensively in areas related to the chiropractic profession and musculoskeletal research. He is currently Professor of Integrated Musculoskeletal Care and Director of Research at the AECC University College ( ) and a member of the Senior Management Group and Extended Executive. He is also a Senior Research Fellow in the School of Primary Care and Population Sciences, Faculty of Medicine at the University of Southampton. His areas of expertise and interests lie in patient-reported outcomes measures (PROMS), clinical service provision research and contextual factors in manual therapy. He is also the co-host of the international podcast icarechirocast ( ) with his co-host and colleague, Professor Stephen Perle.