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    • Lumbar Radiculopathy - Managing Recent Onset Radiculopathy. Improving Standards & Quality of Care

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    • Managing Recent Onset Lumbar Radiculopathy

    • Assessment - Lumbar Radiculopathy Module

    • Lumbar Radiculopathy Module Notes

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Course Learning Outcomes

Recent Onset Lumbar Radiculopathy

1) Understand the complex patho-aetiology, epidemiology and clinical challenges related to managing recent onset lumbar radiculopathy

2) Be able to formulate a plan for how to assess patients with recent onset lumbar radiculopathy integrating Danish/UK evidence-based models and standards of care

3) Be able to formulate a plan for how you would manage patients with recent onset radiculopathy integrating Danish/UK evidence-based models and standards of care

4) Understand the variation in presentation of lumbar radiculopathy and introduce troubleshooting principles and referral considerations to maximise clinical outcome

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David Byfield

Professor David Byfield BSc (Hons), DC, MPhil, FCC, FBCA, FFEAC, FHEA David Byfield has been in private practice and chiropractic education for the past 40 years in Canada, England and Wales. David joined the University of South Wales in 1998 to help develop an integrated masters chiropractic degree programme. He was Head of Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC) and currently the Head of Clinical Services in the Faculty of Life Sciences and Education. David has written three chiropractic educational textbooks related to chiropractic manipulative skills learning and teaching and has published a number of scientific papers including book chapters covering spinal manipulation and rehabilitation. David has been a member of the General Chiropractic Council in the UK and currently sits on the ECCE and Chairs the Special Interest Group Clinical Practice. David has recently been conferred Professor in Professional Practice by the University of South Wales and is developing a research portfolio around the relationship between chronic back pain, physical inactivity and accelerated cognitive decline.